Qarbo Luxe - Gold

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Modern-Retro Italian Design • Australian Engineered • Solid Aluminium Body • Premium Anodised Finish • Patented Pressure Release Cap • Complete Sparkling Beverage System.

Elevate Your Refreshment Experience

Imagine having the power to create sparkling water and delicious beverages whenever your heart desires. With QARBO LUXE, this dream becomes a reality. This innovative beverage maker combines elegance, ease, and endless possibilities to transform your everyday hydration routine into a sparkling affair.

You can be one of the first to experience the magic of QARBO LUXE. With its intuitive operation and effortless carbonation, you'll be sipping on bubbles in no time. Embrace a new level of refreshment and elevate your beverage game with QARBO LUXE.

Uninterrupted Sparkle, Limitless Flavour

We understand that one bottle is simply not enough to quench your thirst for bubbly goodness. That's why we're excited to offer you a twin pack of spare bottles. With these additional bottles, your sparkling water and beverage-making journey continues uninterrupted.

Whether you're experimenting with multiple flavors or catering to the preferences of your family and guests, the twin pack of spare bottles ensures that your QARBO LUXE experience is always ready to delight. Now you can explore a world of flavors and share the joy of effervescence with those around you.

QARBO LUXE is 440mm Tall, 100mm Wide and 200mm Deep.
QARBO LUXE Bottles are 265mm Tall (inc Cap) and 85 mm in diameter.

*Cylinder Included