Cucumber & Mint Seltz Drops

Sale price4 KWD

Why We Love It: Infused with the crisp essence of cucumber and the invigorating freshness of mint, our Cucumber & Mint Seltz Drops provide a natural and revitalizing flavor that's simply refreshing.

Best Served As: Add 1-3 dashes (to taste) of Cucumber & Mint Seltz Drops to a glass of cold still or sparkling water. Enjoy the perfect balance of cool cucumber and mint freshness without any added sugar.

  • Cucumber & Mint Seltz Drops makes 50 drinks
  • Completely sugar-free
  • Free from artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, diabetics and ketogenics

*This is water flavour drops for Gulf Soda or any water carbonators