CO2 Gas Refill

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Swap out your empty cylinder for a full one

The 0.6L CO2 cylinder is a vital component for soda makers. This food-grade CO2 is certified by ISBT standards, ensuring that it meets the highest quality and safety requirements for use in carbonated drinks. Additionally, it is a green CO2, meaning that it is sourced from renewable and sustainable sources. With a compact size of 0.6L, this cylinder is perfect for home soda making, providing a reliable and environmentally friendly solution for creating delicious carbonated beverages at home, with a carbonation capacity of 50 Liters or carbonated water per cylinder

Customer Reviews

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Chaker EL Mostafa
Quick and seamless!

Easy to order the refill and arrived within the next two hours. Very happy with quality of the customer service!

Laetitia Portellano
Gas refill

Why 3 ☆ only... Because there is only 1 place you can get them... It's very far from where I live and there is a lot of traffic nearby the Gulf Soda location.
Beside that all is fine.

Eman Alomar
Very helpful

Really helpful to refill instead of buying new one